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"Tasty Misfits" creates a market for misshapen and surplus fruits and vegetables by rescuing these perfectly good produce and delivering them to your door for 30% less than similar services.

Tasty Misfits was first inspired by the Intermarchè Campaign launched in 2014. Intermarchè appointed a creative agency to produce a big PR push and launch a promotional campaign to sell misshapen produce in 5 Intermarchè supermarkets.

Our founders came across this campaign and loved the concept of rescuing misshapen produce and bringing them to customers at a discount. Also, whilst buying their veggies from UK supermarkets, they were quite put off by the oddly perfect tomatoes you usually get in supermarkets. These look a lot more artificial than the naturally shaped ones. They are also relatively tasteless in comparison.

They researched what was being done in the UK and in other countries to bring these misshapen and surplus produce to the customers and save them from landfill and realised that very minimal and primitive steps were being taken.

They came across a few start-ups in the US and Canada who were launching services to assemble these misshapen and surplus produce into boxes of fresh produce and deliver them to customers on weekly basis and decided that there had to be a similar service for UK customers.

That’s with the idea to promote imperfect produce in the UK that they joined the Founder Institute, a start-up incubator, to get support in developing this idea into a viable business and be able to contribute to reducing food waste and save imperfect-looking and surplus fruits and veggies and bring them to customers at a discount.

And that’s how Tasty Misfits came to life!

Along the journey, the more we looked into this issue, the more we were shocked at the huge amount of waste and the associated costs of this huge waste. Not only do we waste perfectly edible produce but we also waste the water and soil used to grow these fruits and vegetables. In addition, disposing off these produce costs money and it has additional negative environmental impact as all that wasted produce sitting in landfills releases methane gas into the atmosphere.

Tasty Misfits fights food waste and gives consumers the chance to buy delicious, imperfect-looking or surplus produce at a discount. So instead of being wasted, all those perfectly tasty fruits and vegetables will be saved from going to landfill and will be helping consumers eat healthier, at a price they can afford.

We’re excited to start this journey and we would love for you to join us.

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