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Great idea, I would definitely sign up for 2016 and the following years! What I love is the mix of: Convenience of being delivered at my door + concept of recycling non desired products + attractive price - Sandra
I liked the surprise of 'whats in the box this week?!' We normally eat a lot of veggies, so this was perfect for us and made us try some new recipes. Generally a good composition and quantity for the week. Not always my favourites, but also 'forced' me to try some new recipes. Overall a good concept and implemented well! kudos!!  - Karen
We signed up as we wanted to try something new; save money on veg; eat more seasonally and agree with the principal of reducing supermarket based wastage. Delivery on Saturday early morning was very good and I liked that it was just left outside as the delivery was early. We loved receiving a heads-up about the composition. We didn't use the recipe ideas but did end up buying two new recipe books focused on eating seasonally which helped a lot - Kate
I heard about it through a friend and liked the idea so decided to try it out. Produce was seasonal .. Lots included. I liked everything to be honest. Keep up the good work - Brendan


  • Tasty Misfits fights food waste and improves access to high-quality fruits and vegetables by rescuing rejected produce and selling aesthetically imperfect or surplus but perfectly tasty fruits and vegetables at a discount directly to consumers

  • 30% of all fruits and vegetables are wasted even before they reach the supermarkets because they are either too small, too big or misshapen or are excess to requirements. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables are expensive so it seems insane that perfectly good produce gets wasted

  • Tasty Misfits is partnering with local growers who are just as passionate about its mission and is currently available in South-West London

  • Tasty Misfits was founded in July 2015, is headquartered in London and is a graduate of the Spring 2015 batch of the Founder Institute business incubator program (www.fi.co). For more information visit www.tastymisfits.com or follow us on Twitter @tastymisfits

You can get in touch with us by emailing info@tastymisfits.com